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Hello Actors!

There have been some changes here at Actors for Human Rights HQ (also known as ice&fire Theatre).

A big THANK YOU to everyone who came to our Reboot Workshop Day in June (pictured above). It was really useful, providing us with a lot of new ideas, as well as being fun.

2 major developments have come out of the day. One is we have now launched the Actors for Human Rights social networking site! If you sign up you can:

Apply for castings

Promote your events

Share articles about human rights

Connect with other actors who are interested in the issues

Create an account, preferably with your headshot. The gigs currently up there have been cast now, but there will be more going up soon. If you click “follow” on the bottom of the castings page you will be sent an email when new castings are listed.

Actors for Human Rights also now has its own Twitter. You can also keep up-to-date via iceandfire’s Facebook page.

The other development is the creation of our AFHR Residents. This is a group of long standing AFHR members who are committed to expanding and promoting our work and the network. We are starting with a group of 10, but as we develop and grow we hope to add to the Residents – we’ll let you know when we are looking for new members. The first members are:

Helen Clapp   Freddie Machin   Waleed Akhtar   Nick Figgis    Rebecca Peyton

 Lucy Phelps   Leann O’Kasi    Noof McEwan   Helena O’Neill   Sebastian Aguirre

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This group will be meeting regularly in London. We are currently in the process of raising the necessary funds to allow us to set up a similar group in a region further north. If you are interested in being part of such a group, let us know.

And finally, Charlotte George is the new Director of Actors for Human Rights. Please feel free to drop me a line!

5 Years Project

ice&fire are in the early stages of developing a show that will track the effect of the Conservative Government over the next 5 years, to be performed just before the next election in May 2020.

We are interested in speaking to people who may have their lives touched (directly or indirectly, positively or negatively) by the decisions of the government and whose circumstances might therefore change between now and 2019. Particular areas of interest include: housing (renters, homeowners and homeless), civil service, welfare, job security, health, disability, poverty, young people, swing voters, migrants and more.

If you have any suggestions or are keen to help please get in touch!

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