London is fast becoming a 24-hour city, in this episode we talk to some of its growing number of night workers. What’s it like to work while most of us are asleep? Why do workers choose to be nocturnal? Is it a choice at all?

Main presenter: Rebecca Scroggs
Editing and production: Helen Clapp
Music and sound design: Michael Edwards

Organisations and research mentioned in the episode and useful links:
Mayor unveils first ever 24-hour vision for London
National Sleep Foundation: Shift Work Disorder–-symptoms
Rough Nights: The Growing Dangers of Working at Night – The Young Foundation
A Hard Days Night- TUC 2015
260,000 more people working at night in past five years, finds TUC
The undercover author who discovered Amazon warehouse workers were peeing in bottles tells us the culture was like a ‘prison’
Race report statistics | Equality and Human Rights Commission
Night shift: the dangers of working around the clock

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