Tita and Margaret were both forced to flee their native countries (Chile and Uganda) almost forty years apart and ended up in London. We look at the refugee experience then and now. We also talk to activists at a ‘Shut Yarls Wood’ demonstration and ask them why they decided to join the growing movement.

Main presenter: Seb Aguirre
Music by: Michael Edwards http://www.michaeledwards.tv/

More about Margaret and Lydia’s story here https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jul/27/back-home-we-cant-kiss-the-gay-badminton-star-forced-to-flee-uganda
More about ice&fire’s script ‘This is Who I Am’ – http://iceandfire.co.uk/project/this-is-who-i-am/

Organisations mentioned in the podcast:
Lesbians and Gays support the Migrants https://www.facebook.com/lgsmigrants/
World University Service https://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/arts/history/research/projects/chileanexileinuk/wusprogramme/
Time for a time Limit http://detentionaction.org.uk/campaigns/indefinite-detention-in-detail
First Wednesday group at the LGBT Foundation https://twitter.com/1st_Wednesday
Sponsor Refugees http://www.sponsorrefugees.org/

Other London-besed organisations working with asylum seekers and refugees include:
Hackney Migrant Centre http://www.hackneymigrantcentre.org.uk/
Migrants Organise http://www.migrantsorganise.org/
UK Lesbian and gay Immigration Group https://uklgig.org.uk/
Right to Remain https://righttoremain.org.uk/
Women for Refugee Women http://www.refugeewomen.co.uk/

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