From the smallest strike the UK’s ever seen to nationwide action, we head to the picket line to bring you 3 stories of London’s most inspiring Living Wage campaigns. How far would you go for a fair day’s pay?

Main presenter: Christine Bacon
Editing and production: Helen Clapp
Music and sound design: Michael Edwards
Freddy and Angelica’s words voiced by Sebastian Aguirre and Lisa Caruccio Came

To support the Picturehouse Strikers, check out
Follow your most local strikers on Facebook and Twitter (find links via website above) and join them on the picket line the next time they announce strike action
Sign their collective petition here
Donate to the campaign here
And buy a T-shirt here

To support the McDonalds strikers:
Buy a T-shirt here
Donate directly here
Follow Shen Batmaz
And Fast Food Rights
Add your support and stay in touch

Freddy and Angelica have thankfully had their low pay issue resolved.
Donate directly United Voices of the World, the small union that helped them win here

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