Anyone who works at a charity will know what it’s like – although an organisation may be able to get funding for its project work (the “glamourous side” of the work, if you like!) it’s always hard to raise money for day-to-day basics – such as printing, rent, pens and paper, insurance and accounting. There’s no excitement or glamour in that. It is for this reason that we’ve started our Friends of iceandfire scheme.

Our aim is simply to encourage 80 supporters to donate £10 a month so that we know we have our basic costs covered. Then we can spend more time actually doing what we do best – creating exciting performance work that explores human rights stories. We get such a great reaction from people when we perform, and we have a lot of support from funders and the public, but the pride in what we do and the joy of being able to tell important stories sometimes gets lost in the administration and scraping money together to survive!

We’re hoping that with this fundraising campaign our honesty will strike a chord with people. We’re not going to claim your money will help us to change the world, but if you could help us make sure we have a home for another year then we can at least make a start. We’ve reached over 10,000 people this year all over the UK and are on track to double that in 2010.

If you have any questions about the scheme, or about iceandfire’s other fundraising efforts, you can email me (Charlotte) anytime at [email protected]

Otherwise, please go to our JustGiving site and make a monthly donation (you can cancel your contributions at any time). The great thing about JustGiving is that if you’re aUK taxpayer, we also get 28% Gift Aid added to your donation – hurrah! Thanks in advance for your support and we hope to see you at one of the many events and performances we have lined up for 2010!

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