Rendition Monologues

(Launched June 2008)

Scripted by Christine Bacon

Original Score by Michael Edwards

Rendition Monologues weaves together the first-hand testimonies of victims of extraordinary rendition; the kidnapping and illegal transfer of terrorism suspects and others considered to be implicated in the ‘War on Terror’ to be interrogated in nation states with a reputation for torture.

Rendition Monologues was a collaboration with Reprieve programmed at Massive Attack’s Meltdown Festival at the Southbank Centre in 2008 and has staged multiple performances since.

Watch our video campaign about extraordinary rendition. Or book a performance for your organisation.

Actor Ery Nzaramba reflects on being part of Rendition Monologues

***** “Be warned. This play will leave you angry. Angry and most likely guilty too at British complicity in this unlawful, inhuman practice… if five stars mean a show is unmissable, then Rendition Monologues must get them.” WHAT’S ON STAGE

“This was a haunting and horrifying account which also paid testimony to human resilience” METRO

“If anyone doubts the shocking reality of rendition, they should see this performance.” CLIVE STAFFORD-SMITH, DIRECTOR OF REPRIEVE

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