This Is Who I Am

انقر الآن فوريكس يارد Launching October 10 2017

تداول الذهب بنك الراجحي As part of the And What? Queer Arts Festival  we are launching This is Who I Am; verbatim testimonies from LGBTQI+ refugees about their experiences in their own country and on arrival in the UK, addressing the particular challenges they face. Read by special guest performers and speakers, the reading will be accompanied by queer songs and a post show discussion led by refugee advocacy groups Right to Remain & UKLGIG. Details and tickets here 

توصيات الفوركس اليومية

وظيفة كبيرة للقراءة The  testimonies were collected over many months of engagement with members of the First Wednesday group at the LGBT Foundation in Manchester. Special thanks also goes to Crisis. Once launched, the script will be available on request through our Actors for Human Rights network.

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