SurvivorsUK Participatory Project

In 2022, with support from Awards for All England, we started running creative expression sessions for members of SurvivorsUK: men and non binary survivors of sexual abuse and assault. The group met every two weeks and a variety of arts professionals were invited to lead sessions. The final sharing of work was held in June 2023 with a combination of participants and actors (including Waleed Akhtar and Andrew Garfield).  You can read about the final event here

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Find out more about SurvivorsUk on their website

Feedback from participants:
‘I got too much out of the project to list here – it worked on so many levels…’
‘Got a chance to safely explore, vocalise and creatively express what it means to be a survivor, to talk about my experiences and what it feels like to be to be a survivor. A chance to say that out load on stage.’
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