A new testimonial script for the Actors for Human Rights project.

In collaboration with action groups coordinated by the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, Praxis and Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unitwe have developed a new testimonial script for the Actors for Human Rights project. 

Papers is made up of testimonies of migrants impacted by the suite of policies introduced by the government in 2012 under the banner of ‘the hostile environment.’

We interviewed nine individuals who shared their experiences about such themes as: the No Recourse to Public Funds conditions on family and other human rights related visas, the exorbitant cost of visa renewal which saddles migrant families with huge debts or leads to them being undocumented, and the ever-changing, increasingly punitive immigration rules which have seen families separated for years.

During 2024, we will be offering free readings to local authority councillors (cross party) and staff across the country to engage policy enactors with how this increasingly punishing set of policies impact their constituents’ lives and how they (councils/councillors) can engage with and support people in their areas who are impacted. 

“People need to stop judging. People have migrated forever. My children are here. They are the future of this country. Be fair to them so they can contribute. I tell my girls they are going to be powerful. I am rooting for them.”

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