I Am An Immigrant

Podcast Series
Who do you see when you hear the word immigrant?
Welcome to I am an Immigrant – a podcast series where I talk with people who used to live somewhere else and now live here, in the UK. I’m Christine Bacon, an Australian of Irish descent who moved here 15 years ago. Most of us have a picture in our mind when we hear the word ‘immigrant’. The truth is (don’t tell anyone) we immigrants are mostly people who live regular lives, subscribe to streaming television services, work in a variety of jobs, socialise with friends, fall in and out of love, say and do stupid things and pick our kids up from school.
This podcast is not about getting into the immigration debate. We’ve had decades if not centuries of that mostly toxic conversation. We won’t talk about which migrants are good and how many is too many. Whatever image appears to you when you hear the word immigrant, I offer you this podcast to transform that picture into something way more interesting

1. Preview
A sneaky peek at what’s in store when we launch on June 28.
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2. Siobhán MacSweeney

Available June 28 2021

You may know her as the caustic, hilarious Sister Michael in Lisa McGee’s runaway success, the Channel 4 series Derry Girls. Or more recently as the host of the Great Pottery Throw Down. Siobhan hails from County Cork in Ireland and now lives in London. We talked about feeling foreign, bereavement, finding your tribe and a whole lot more.

‘I learned quickly to stop talking to people at bus stops and it took me ages to not feel dreadfully rude that I wasn’t even acknowledging the other person at the bus stop.’ 
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