Flight or Fight?

‘We want to stop people being deported… so let’s stop the plane. It just made complete sense.’
In 2017, fifteen activists (the Stansted 15) cut through the perimeter fence of Stansted Airport and locked themselves together surrounding a plane, preventing the deportation of 60 people. This brand new documentary play follows the story of that action and its repercussions for the activists and some of the people who were meant to be on that flight.
‘The day before the flight, I called my daughter and told her I’ve decided to relocate to Nigeria. I didn’t tell her I was in detention, I just tried to console her’


We will be launching this new script (developed in collaboration with End Deportations) at Amnesty International UKs offices in Shoreditch on March 13th.

The event is free and tickets can be booked here


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