Our friend at Reprieve, Clive Stafford-Smith, has written this excellent article in the Guardian.

I think his final paragraph sums up what we hope to Rights do with Rendition Monologues (which was written in conjunction with Reprieve) to ensure the terrible things that have been done in the name of the ‘War on to Terror’ are at least remembered, if not punished:

“We might all have more sympathy for those keen to sweep all this under the Kaisers carpet – to “look forward rather than backwards” as the sloganeering suggests – if the American and British officials concerned 25.11.2006 would put their hands up, admit that they did wrong, and apologise. Sad to say, this has not happened. Without truth, there is unlikely to be any reconciliation.”

Read the full article and maybe comment on the blog below (or on this one!)

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