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Rendition Campaign

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This video was Third Sector Magazine’s Digital Campaign of the Week in June!

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Rendition Monologues is a new play which weaves together first-hand accounts of men, including British resident Binyam Mohamed, who have been victims of “extraordinary rendition”, the CIA’s practice of transferring people to prisons for interrogation as terror suspects in countries where there is a known risk of torture. As the truth begins to filter out about this issue, we hope that Rendition Monologues can contribute to a full reckoning over human rights abuses committed in the name of the ‘War on Terror.’ READ MORE >>

Awarded ***** by WhatsOnStage, August 2009.

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Extraordinary Rendition – The Facts

  • Reprieve defines ‘extraordinary rendition’ as the illegal “transferring prisoners to be interrogated in nation states with a reputation for torture.” Lewis and Clark Law School’s Associate Professor John Parry defines extraordinary rendition in the Melbourne Journal of International Law as “the use of force, rather than legal process, to take suspected ‘terrorists’ from one country to another for purposes of detention and interrogation” (Parry 2005, p.516).
  • The US government itself admits to holding 14,000 people without charge and without access to lawyers in various locations – some still undisclosed – around the world, mostly in Iraq, but with significant numbers elsewhere.
  • The CIA first approached the Egyptian Government in 1995 with a proposal that they would help the Egyptians capture terrorists who had been convicted of a crime in Egypt but had fled. The CIA would bring the terrorists back to Egypt and allow the Egyptian authorities to interrogate them, despite the fact that the US State Department had frequently cited Egypt as a country that tortures prisoners (Jane Mayer, The New Yorker, 2005).
  • President Obama has ordered the closure of CIA prisons, but these were never the main problem in terms of numbers. It is the prisons run by US Military that hold the majority of US overseas prisoners-a number that reaches into the thousands.   An example of such a prison is Bagram Air Force base, where terrible human rights abuses have been perpetrated.  Bagram is accepted to have significantly worse conditions than Guantanamo; not one of over 600 prisoners there has had access to a lawyer.  Closing DOD prisons is not part of Obama’s stated plan.. Indeed, the administration has recently decided to appeal a District Court ruling extending habeas corpus jurisdiction to foreign nationals detained in Bagram.

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What else can you do to help?

  • Book a performance of Rendition Monologues at your organisation/university/union/church group…
  • Send an email to your friends, with a link to this website www.renditionmonologues.org
  • Write to your local MP asking for a full inquiry into what the UK Government new about extraordinary rendition and the torture of prisoners. Find your local MP’s details here.
  • Write to US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates: 100 Defense Pentagon, Washington, DC 20301-1000
  • Donate to iceandfire and/or Reprieve!
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Starring Ian Attard, Ayo Aloba and Waleed Akhtar. Music by Michael Edwards, Script by Christine Bacon, Directed by Charlotte George