A diagnosis. A freak accident. A breakdown. It couldn’t happen to me… Could it?

In an exciting new podcast, ice&fire share with you the hidden struggles of ordinary people living #LifeOnTheEdge. Sponsored by Trust For London, every month we dive below the surface of social issues that are a sign of the times in which we live and asks “how far are we all from life on the edge”? Whilst each episode embarks on a brand new journey, the 8 episodes are all united in their approach to telling very human, entirely relatable stories with human rights at their core. Released monthly, we explore topics such as refugee journeys to London 40 years apart, London’s private rental sector and inspiring campaigns for the London living wage.

Love, loss, career crises, generational divides and family histories – This is the human story of what happens when your world crumbles around you.

This is life as you know it… pushed all the way to the brink

1: Your Assessor Has Found You ‘Fit For Work’
Release date December 1st 2017
Jayne, Bob and Mary’s working lives came to a halt due to illness and disability. They share their experiences of the benefit system and the uncertainty and anxiety they face.

2: Refugee Journeys to London: 1976 and 2016
Release date January 2nd 2018

Tita and Margaret were both forced to flee their native countries (Chile and Uganda) almost forty years apart and ended up in London. We look at the refugee experience then and now. We also talk to activists at a ‘Shut Yarls Wood’ demonstration and ask them why they decided to join the growing movement.

3. London’s Renting Game
Release date February 1st 2018
Yousif’s struggled with homelessness, Caroline’s cooked with cockroaches and Rebecca’s called some unusual places home. Three stories of renting in the capital and some thoughts on what needs to change from Generation Rent.

4: A Fair Day’s Pay
Release date March 1st 2018
From the smallest strike the UK’s ever seen to nationwide action, we head to the picket line to bring you 3 stories of London’s most inspiring Living Wage campaigns. How far would you go for a fair day’s pay?


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