The British arms trade is getting a lot of bad press lately. Bleeding hearts and peaceniks are not happy- they don’t think we should be selling billions of pounds worth of weapons to loyal customers in priority markets like Saudi Arabia.
So we’re sending the British Arms Outreach Team onto the streets in September at the same time as one of the world’s biggest arms fairs takes up residence at the London Excel Centre. We’ll be pressing your flesh and (if you’re a taxpayer) thanking you for your continued support of our efforts. And we’ll be introducing you some of the A-listers of our industry. Take a selfie with a fighter jet, get up close to some tear gas, and marvel at the capabilities of our most desired warhead.
A co-production with Teatro Vivo 
In partnership with the Albany Theatre, Stratford Circus, Deptford Lounge, Greenwich and Lewisham Young People’s Theatre and more (tba)
Costume design by takis
We gratefully acknowledge the support of:

تداول جميع الاسهم السعودية اليوم Arts Council England, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Network for Social Change, Trust for Research and Education on the Arms Trade, Unity Theatre Trust and the Sylvia Waddilove Foundation. 

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