Adah Kay Memorial Commission


In honour of Adah Kay – writer, anthropologist, urban planner and lifelong activist.

With support from the MSN Fund, ice&fire have established the Adah Kay Memorial Commission. This fund aims to build on Adah’s legacy with ice&fire, using theatre as a means to communicate some of the most important and under-represented stories.

The prize fund will be awarded annually (over five years) to a theatre maker and an expert witness (an academic with field experience/social researcher/rights defender/survivor) to create an original play that examines a contemporary human rights issue.

Our inaugural commission, with Dr Chris Rossdale and theatre-makers at Teatro Vivo, led by Sophie Austin, explored the relationship between the Middle-East power plays, militarism, mass migration and the arms trade. The resulting work is called #ArmingtheWorld and will be experienced across London in mid-September 2017.
The 2017 commission brings political philosopher Dr Sarah Fine together with Rhiannon Armstronga theatre maker and interactive gaming specialist. Our aim is to explore Dr Fine’s research around the ethics of immigration controls through a live performance set up as a game. We are interested in inviting audiences to play and interact with some of these concepts, asking them to make some of the decisions and have to justify the right to exclude certain people, creating a visceral experience that allows people to explore their own assumptions and beliefs around immigration controls and what is at the heart of them. Production is planned for 2018.
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