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iceandfire explores human rights stories through performance.

High quality production is supported by innovative education, outreach and participation.

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Recent Media releases

  • 14/02/14

iceandfire presents: The Nine O’Clock Slot. Red Gallery, Shoreditch, 26 March – 19 April [PDF]

“’This slot’s the early slot, the no budget, no frills slot. Low grade and high shame, the slot that no one wants. Welcome, to the ‘The Nine O’Clock Slot”

ice&fire immerses its audience in a journey to a shared graveside, as The Nine O’Clock Slot confronts the disturbing rise in the number of so-called ‘paupers’ funerals’ in modern-day Britain. Using promenade performance, arresting choreography, digital imagery and soundscapes, as well as humour, it retraces the stories of four individuals who are buried in a communal grave, people who might otherwise go unnoticed.

Written by Hannah Davies and Annecy Lax, 

Directed by Lisa Spirling, 

Designed by Polly Sullivan

  • 27/09/11

iceandfire announces the world premiere of Afghan Monologues, Southbank Centre Tuesday 4 October  2011 at 7.45pm [PDF]

On the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan, iceandfire launches the world premiere of Afghan Monologues, a unique documentary play written by Christine Bacon and directed by Michael Longhurst.

‘Every Afghan is searching for some meaning. When you lose a sense of meaning in your life, then you’re basically like a drowning man, clutching to anything that can stop you from drowning.’ – Aziz Hakimi

  • 01/06/11

iceandfire present On the Record, Arcola Theatre July 20-August 13 2011 [PDF]

‘It’s not that one day I decided to be heroic. And actually I don’ think that I am heroic. It bothers me that people think I’m heroic. I just think it’s by right to talk, be free, to write. I’m not special. I just decided to do this.’
On The Record is a searing new play from leading human rights theatre company iceandfire, giving an insight into the lives of campaigning journalists from around the world who put their lives on the line in the cause of truth. Part verbatim and part dramatised, it is personal testimony from real people with a vital role to play in safeguarding freedoms that we can all too often take for granted.

  • 31/05/11
iceandfire will be performing readings of their flagship plays Asylum Monologues andAsylum Dialogues in seven venues around the UK during Refugee Week (June 20-26). Iceandfire’s outreach network Actors for Human Rights, which performs the readings, celebrates their five year anniversary this Refugee Week, having reached approximately 50,000 people across the UK to date

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