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iceandfire explores human rights stories through performance.

High quality production is supported by innovative education, outreach and participation.

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“What happened to me, the marks on my body, the memories, they are going to be my souvenirs.”  Tracy (Write to Life)

Performace of Souvenirs for Ice & fire Theatre, April 2013

ice&fire collaborated with Tamasha and Write to Life (a Freedom from Torture project established by ice&fire’s founder Sonja Linden), the longest-running writing group for torture survivors in the world, after some members of Write to Life had started to read their work publicly, which then led to a collective desire to present some of their experiences to a wider audience.

The resulting 20 minute piece, Souvenirs, was written by ice&fire’s Artistic Director Christine Bacon following workshops, discussions and in-depth interviews with the participants.  Directed by Tamasha’s former Artistic Director Kristine Landon-Smith, it was performed by the members of Write to Life.

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Everyone Has the Right


Everyone Has the Right was a scheme iceandfire ran for five years in conjunction with Amnesty International UK to encourage writers exploring human rights stories.

We are no longer accepting submissions for this scheme due to limited capacity and funding. We have decided to work more closely and meaningfully with new writers through our Artist-in-Residence programme and the BBC Performing Arts Fellowship.

If you’re a new/unrepresented playwright, please take a look at Play Submissions Helper which can point you towards other opportunities.

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iceandfire’s first play for young people is being used by Fostering Agencies as part of an innovative training package for those caring for unaccompanied minors.

“I thought that the performance and the workshop was spectacular! I think that workshops like these are a far more productive way of ‘learning’ for carers and social workers.”

Terri Verier, Senior Social Work Practitioner, NCH

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Previous Participation Projects

Protect the Human 2008

Protect the Human 2008

Including our playwriting competition with Amnesty International, Protect the Human, a Darfuri house installation at the V&A Museum of Childhood and a video project with Addaction UK.

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