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iceandfire explores human rights stories through performance.

High quality production is supported by innovative education, outreach and participation.

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Actors for Human Rights is a network of more than 700 professional actors across the UK who are dedicated to drawing attention to human rights concerns. We respond to requests for rehearsed readings of our documentary plays and can go anywhere at any time. 

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  • Close to Home: The Cuts

    Scripted by Annecy Hayes
    Compelling and unflinching personal testimonies from some of the people hardest hit by the cuts.

  • outreach_home_sample

    Asylum Monologues

    Scripted by Sonja Linden
    Personal testimonies of asylum seekers living in the UK.

  • outreach_home_dialogues

    Asylum Dialogues

    Scripted by Sonja Linden

    Exploring everyday encounters between asylum seekers and British people.

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  • outreach_home_rendition

    Rendition Monologues

    Scripted by Christine Bacon

    True stories of torture and abuse in the name of the war on terror.
  • outreach_home_illegals

    The Illegals

    Scripted by Christine Bacon

    First-hand testimonies from undocumented migrants living and working in London.
  • outreach_home_palestine

    Palestine Monologues

    Scripted by Sonja Linden

    First-hand testimonies from the occupied Palestinian territories.
  • broke-image


    Scripted by Christine Bacon
    Stories of people living with poverty and homelessness in today’s Britain.
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  • Maggie_crop

    Getting On

    Scripted by Sara Masters 
    True stories of growing older in 21st Century Britain.
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  • Photo by Laurens Alblas

    On a Clear Day You Can See Dover

    Scripted by Sonja Linden
    Voices from the front line of Europe’s approach to asylum.
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  • Afghan Monologues

    Scripted by Christine Bacon
    Real words from those across Afghan society, including Western commentators from the front line.
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  • Even If We Lose Our Lives

Even if We Lose Our Lives

Scripted by Christine Bacon
The script is drawn from in-depth interviews with three Afghan women fighting for peace and protection for women’s rights in their conflict-affected country.