About Us

iceandfire explores human rights stories through performance.

High quality production is supported by innovative education, outreach and participation.

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ice&fire work with young people, in schools, colleges and community settings across the UK to deepen their understanding of our work and develop personal engagement with the stories that we tell.

We create plays specifically for younger audiences, with Separated and Bind seen by over 5000 students in schools across London. We also deliver a range of Education workshops, based on our Actors for Human Rights scripts tailoring, to suit the needs of each group.

“The whole experience proved a very positive one for our students and the students took a lot out of it. This was in terms of the messages about the plight of asylum seekers as well as the process of making theatre. The students loved it and really enjoyed exploring the play in more depth.”

Richard Demby, Whalley Range High School

For more information or to requests workshop outlines contact Regional Director Sue Buchan:actorsnorth@iceandfire.co.uk