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iceandfire explores human rights stories through performance.

High quality production is supported by innovative education, outreach and participation.

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  • The Island Nation – Southbank Centre, London

    A rehearsed reading of our production in development will take place at London’s Southbank Centre as part of their annual Alchemy Festival.  The reading will take place at 6pm on the Spirit Level in the Royal Festival Hall, and will be followed by a Q+A with the writer, our AD Christine Bacon and cast. Tickets […]

    Posted on 5/17/2014
  • Souvenirs – London

    Souvenirs is being performed at an event called ArchWay With Words Mini: Freedom from Torture, at Kogan Academy of Dramatic Arts, 9-15 Elthorne Road, London, N19 4AJ, 8-10pm; as part of Islington’s Word2014 Festival.  This is a FREE event, though booking is essential, so please click here to do so and for more information.

    Posted on 5/11/2014
  • Even If We Lose Our Lives – Croyden

    In collaboration with Amnesty Croydon, we’ll be performing our new script Even if We Lose Our Lives (about Afghan women human rights defenders), an Amnesty International commission written by our Artistic Director Christine Bacon, at St Peter’s Church, St Peter’s Road, CR0 1HG @ 8pm.  This is a FREE event and open to the public, with no need […]

    Posted on 4/26/2014
  • The Nine O’Clock Slot – London

    Our new show The Nine O’Clock Slot runs from 26 March – 19 April 2014 at The Red Gallery in Shoreditch, London.  The play, written by our Artist in Residence Hannah Davies and our Creative Producer Annecy Lax, is a truly immersive theatre experience; using film, choreography, spoken-word poetry, skilled physical comedy and even song-and-dance numbers to explore the rise in […]

    Posted on 3/26/2014
  • “I only see what I know” – how to write a play about something else

    Reading about the Aryans who came to Pakistan in 1500 BCE, about how they were expert horsemen and aggressive fighters, armed with iron weapons, the image I see is Brad Pitt. Leather breastplate, astride a horse and speaking with that vaguely historical sentence structure that Blackadder so effectively parodied – ‘yes it is, not that […]

    Posted on 1/10/2014
  • Freedom from torture at the Bath Literary Festival

    Written by Hasani for The Independent Blog – Hasani is one of the participants in the Souvenirs project ‘What happened to me, the marks on my body, the memories, they are going to be my souvenirs.’These words are those of a victim and survivor of torture recounting the horrific experiences she went through. The words […]

    Posted on 4/5/2013
  • The Nine O’Clock Slot – Artist in Residence reflections

    Our Artist-in-Residence, playwright Hannah Davies, reflects on her experience with us during 2012 in developing Art of Dying, now called The Nine O’Clock Slot. I was invited to work with ice&fire in 2012 on the research and development process for their Art of Dying project. This was the initial phase of development of a new […]

    Posted on 3/24/2013
  • The Nine O’Clock Slot (previously The Art of Dying)

    By Annecy Hayes We have just completed phase two of the research and development work on our new piece, The Art of Dying. The process was frenetic, challenging and stimulating and full of important discoveries about the future shape and content of the piece. I’m happy to report that whilst working on a play about […]

    Posted on 1/25/2013
  • Meditate that this came about

    ‘You who live safe in your warm houses, you who find, returning in the evening, hot food and friendly faces, consider if this is a man…’ These opening lines of the Primo Levi poem that prefaces his book If This Is A Man, came into my head as I prepared to go on the platform […]

    Posted on 8/16/2010
  • Location Location Location – new adventures in site-specific theatre

    I was in a disused World War II bunker under Dalston Junction, trying to convince Christine – writer, Artistic Director, and (most importantly) my new boss – that this bunker could, like, you know, really be Iraq. Or, for that matter, Gaza.  This could be where Mexican journalist Lydia Cacho was held hostage after implicating powerful […]

    Posted on 7/19/2010

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