Kate Allen, cheap nfl jerseys Director of Amnesty International UK, has written in The Guardian today that wholesale nfl jerseys the UK Government should initiate an independent inquiry wholesale mlb jerseys into extraordinary rendition, secret prisons and allegations of the UK’s West collusion in torture of terrorism suspects.

Kate Allen’s article suggests this could Article be one way of Gordon Brown regaining some credibility, both at home and on the European and World stages:

“This would help to restore the UK’s credibility as About a government that fully respects human rights. Then he could put the determination and vigour he once had as a chancellor who fought poverty back at the top of his government’s agenda.”

Whether or not this would allow him to win the next general election is, of course, doubtful, especially considering the ease at which the tabloid press is able to turn any new human rights advances into Nephews governments looking weak or pandering to terrorists. However, Kate Allen’s article makes an excellent link between human rights and poverty, which in the current economic climate is an important point to make. cheap nfl jerseys It’s unfortunate that the concept Техносила of human rights needs to be “sold” as an idea, but this connection could be the way to do cheap nfl jerseys it.

Amnesty International goes UK’s Bilder just-released Annual Report apparently refers to numerous human rights violations in Britain:

“… from the ongoing use of control orders to the attempts to deport terror suspects to torture states and alleged complicity in the practise of extraordinary rendition.”

iceandfire, along with Reprieve, have also been calling for an inquiry into extraordinary rendition. You can see Rendition Monologues at the Edinburgh Festival this year, 17 – 24 August. Sign up to our mailing list or go to Coming Up to find out more details.

We will also be doing a series of shows at Amnesty UK’s London headquarters in September. Stay tuned…

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